QuickStart Description

Salesforce QuickStart ServicesOur CRM QuickStart program is an implementation package that helps you quickly realize the value on your CRM investment. We have designed this offering to be accomplished in 5 consecutive days in order to get you up and running. This service makes sense for the small business owner or for those using a select few CRM solutions as a pilot in a larger organization.

What’s Included

Project Planning

Knowing where you are and where you are going is a crucial aspect of any growing business. Documenting the business process relative to your customer relationship management implementation helps establish a growth plan for CRM to support your business. The well-organized project planning meetings enable us to create a project plan which lays out the intended usage of the system. It also provides the foundation for the initial deployment strategy as well as future phases. Due to the limited engagement hours, attention will be given to assigning correct priority to those areas required to be addressed in this, the initial phase, and deferring other areas or customizations for subsequent phases.

System and User Setup

Equipped with the information about how your company works and what is expected, you can leave the work to us. We begin to set up your CRM organization with the necessary information about your organization. We establish baseline system access and security by setting up the users and administrators of the system with the appropriate rights for record and system access. Allowing visibility to the appropriate system records is a key element to the adoption of a system by end users. This way they are not bogged down with too much information though they are still able to access the records that they need to accomplish their work.

Database and User Interface Configuration

Next, we take the configuration needs developed in the planning session, in priority order, and begin to apply those to the system. We create custom fields and remove unwanted fields, in the forms, views and page layouts accordingly. This includes pick list value modifications and custom links to useful websites.


Effective training on both the technology and usage of the system are critical to productive sales efforts, data collection and customer service. We setup training sessions for end users and administrators to equip your company with the skills necessary to use and manage the system. Training may be web-based or done at your on-site.

System Review and Acceptance

After a review of the system by key end users any final tweaks to the CRM are made and the system is given the seal of acceptance by your project team. The CRM is now available to the end users for production use!


A wrap-up of the project includes a meeting to confirm the state of your CRM system and identify quarterly dates for follow-up meetings in order to review the documents from the planning session relative to system usage, business needs and requisite modifications to your CRM system to support the growth and development of your business.


  • Project planning meeting
  • Configuration of users, groups, and basic security settings
  • Coordinated and prioritized database modifications including custom fields and modifcations to user interface forms, pages, and views
  • Configured walkthrough with users, fine tuning of application design
  • End user training
  • CRM systems admin training
  • Project management
  • Follow-up process and system usage review meetings
  • Workflow rules setup

What’s Not Included

The following items may be added to the project for an additional cost and hours:

  • Custom report development
  • Customizable Forecasting
  • Data conversion
  • Custom email template development
  • End user rollout training
  • Email to Case
  • Web to Case
  • Web to Lead
  • Self-service portal
  • Training materials/manuals


Our QuickStart programs begin at $10,000.

For more details and questions or nonprofit pricing, please contact us directly.